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ConpanyLedger makes existing businesses transferable to the Blockchain through certification.


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Trustworthiness, security, fast transactions without interference of a third party. CompanyLedger is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that allows you to do all that 24/7 in an uncomplicated manner. No counterparty risk, uncomplicated exit, and micro-investments are possible.

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Sharing is the new multiplying. Help us to make CompanyLedger to a success and be rewarded for your support. You can participate by becoming a partner.

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CompanyLedger makes existing businesses transferable to the blockchain through certification. You can visit the ledger on the blockchain by clicking on “Ledger”. Are you visiting the ledger for the first time and do you want to know how to create an account? In that case, just click on “Manual” and you will find a convenient explanation.