CompanyLedger enables you to flexibly make parts of your business transferable to the Blockchain without compromising control.

Company Ledger is for entrepreneurs

With Company Ledger you can flexibly sell parts of your business without sacrificing control. This solution enhances your financial flexibility as it enables you to make your business more liquid. Besides that, it is also a qualified tool for organizing employee participation programs or business transition (in phases).

Recognition and reliability with the CLC Quality Characteristic

Not every organization receives a listing on Company Ledger. Registered companies meet certain criteria and can be recognized by the CLC Quality Characteristic. CLC stands for CompanyLedger Cetificates. Basically, the Quality Charactertic is meant to provide investors comfort and security. But, of course, the quality mark also contributes to your business image in terms of recognition and appearance.

Financial flexibility

Company Ledger offers you the opportunity to make parts of your business(es) liquid and thus generate cash flow in an uncomplicated manner.

Make your business transferable without compromise

CompanyLedger offers you the opportunity to remain full control. It is up to you to decide the amount of certificates and the pace at which the certificates of your business will be transferred.

Higher valuation

A registration on CompanyLedger expands the group of potential (small) investors for your business. It becomes easer to participate in your business as you reach a larger group of investors. This might result in a higher business valuation.

Are you prepared? Business transition & estate planning

CompanyLedger offers you the opportunity to hand over your business to its successor(s) at the pace of your demand. During the transition, you remain in control until you are willing to hand over (a part of) that control to your successor(s). It is also possible to organize your estate planning with a listing on CompanyLedger.

Employee participation

Do you want to motivate your employees and reward them based on performance? In that case, it might be an idea to create the possibility for employees to receive certificates of your organization. Doing so enables your employees to participate in and profit from the growth of the organization, while the power of control remains in your hands. This is also possible for small amounts.

Efficient: cost and time savings

Every transaction is automatically administered on the blockchain. With that, additional notary visits become redundant. Even micro-transactions can be performed 24/7. Negotiations can be legally completed directly on the blockchain.

Shared belongings: organized flexibly and accurate

CompanyLedger operates via the blockchain as a decentralized register of certificate holders. For everyone involved it is visible who owns what. This creates clarity and transparency. All recordings on CompanyLedger are  one-time occurrences and are immutable. So, there is only one truth.

Transparency: You know who your certificate holders are

CompanyLedger utilizes the Know Your Customer (KYC) principle. This means that all participants on CompanyLedger have to identify themselves. The result is transparency, as it is always known who the certificate holders are – also when certificates are resold.


Entrepreneurs who obtain the CLC Quality Characteristic and list their STAK (STichting AdministratieKantoor) on the Blockchain will be rewarded with 10.000 CLC.COMPANYLEDGR tokens, and thereby participate in the CompanyLedger Early Adopters Program. There is a maximum of 200.000 CLC.COMPANYLEDGR tokens reserved for entrepreneurs.  You snooze you lose.

Your business on the Blockchain? Get in touch with CompanyLedger

Higher valuation and enhanced financial flexibility. With a listing on CompanyLedger, you can make certified shares of your business negotiable without sacrificing control over your business. Listings on Company Ledger are also qualified for employee participation programs, business transition and/or organizing estate planning.