Responsibly investing in CLC-tokens on the Blockchain.
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CompanyLedger is for investors

CompanyLedger is an initiative to provide investors the opportunity to invest in companies that are certified on the Blockchain according to Dutch law.

The CLC quality mark stands for uniformity

CompanyLedger only gives businesses the CLC Quality Chracteristic (CLC.YOURCOMPANY) if they meet certain criteria from a legal standpoint. This provides you as an investor with more security about dilution, control, and operations.

Micro-investments possible

Small participations possible without interference of a third party such as a notary.

Uncomplicated exit

Via CompanyLedger you can 24/7 put a sell order of your participation(s). Transactions are settled without involvement of third parties. Payment is granted through smart contracts.

Little transaction costs

No notary, lawyer or bank costs. In short: no third parties. Fees are automatically paid with every transaction on the Blockchain.


For third parties, it is not visible that you are an investor on CompanyLedger. However, CompanyLedger does require you to identify yourself the first time, because CompanyLedger handles the Know-Your-Customer (KYC) principle.


Investors who create an account on CompanyLedger are rewarded with 100 CLC.COMPANYLEDGR tokens and participate in the CompanyLedger Early Adopters Program. You receive 400 CLC.COMPANYLEDGR tokens with your first transaction of at least €5.000 in token that has the CLC Quality Characteristic. A maximum of 150.000 CLC.COMPANYLEDGR tokens are reserved for investers. You snooze zou lose.

Investing on CompanyLedger

Reliability, security, and fast transactions without involvement of third parties. CompanyLedger is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) where you can simply do that 24/7. No counterparty risk, uncomplicated exit, and micro-investments are possible.