Help us by promoting CompanyLedger and we will jointy profit from the success
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Why become a partner?

By becoming an ambassador you will be given the opportunity to actively participate in the growth of CompanyLedger. Contributions to success are rewarded. The more successful CompanyLedger becomes, the higher your reward will be. That’s why our motto is: Sharing is the new multiplying.

The partner program

CompanyLedger is a new initiative. That is why we also need partners besides the entrepreneurs and investors to make Company Ledger to a success. Being a partner, you help us to promote CompanyLedger. For every referral that results in a registration of a CLC.YOURCOMPANY token, we share the Blockchain fees until 2023. Every quarter, the transaction fees generated by the Blockchain will be divided amongst the token holders.

One-time only, 1.000.000 CLC.COMPANYLEDGR tokens have been created that are ownership of the initiator. The initiator makes a maximum amount of 500.000 CLC.COMPANYLEDGR tokens available for the CompanyLedger Early Adopters Program. There are 150.000 CLC.COMPANYLEDGR tokens reserved for partners. For entrepreneurs and investors the respective amounts are 200.000 and 150.000.


Every referral by a partner that results in a registration of a CLC.YOURCOMPANY token provides you with 5.000 CLC.COMPANYLEDGR tokens.

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